Monday, April 18, 2011

Shogun Sushi & Japanese Express

Hey Everyone! Nathan Olotoa here again for another review some local eats! In making more and more discoveries in University Place, we headed out to increase our knowledge of this great neighborhood.

What a surprise this establishment has been. I had originally set off to eat at an Italian restaurant but found it closed upon arrival. Rather than driving around looking for a new place to eat, my eyes scanned the area and I saw what appeared to be a hole in the wall (Part of a strip mall) Japanese Restaurant.  University Place seems to be a treasure trove for these kinds of places.

We walked in to a very clean inviting atmosphere, were able to choose our own seating location, and greeted with a friendly smile. There is a large window in the rear where you can watch the chef cook. (Kind of fun to watch him work!) We were offered an array of drink choices and spent some time pouring over the menu. Ultimately I decided on the Hibachi Chicken, and a couple orders of sushi for me and my associate to try out.

The sushi is made at the counter in front of the chef, and you can watch it all being made. There is nothing like seeing a craftsman at work, and I really dig these places where you can watch your food being prepared.

The Chicken was excellent. Their sauce isn’t like many other “Teriyaki” Places. It’s a rather thin sauce, that is not very overwhelming, but complements the dish very well. Served with Rice and mixed vegetables (Very crispy and fresh!) 

The Sushi was very flavorful. We had Spicy Tuna Sushi, and Salmon with Vegetables and Cream Cheese. The only down side to the sushi was that the seaweed was a little tough, but it was easy to forgive seeing all the other great things about this place.

This is probably the best place we have sampled so far in University Place. We’ve been lucky as to not find any place that we haven’t liked so far, but this place will have a hard time being topped.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Minji’s Pho

On our quest to learn more about local flavors in University Place, we headed out to Minji’s Pho on Mildred St.

I’ve been to quite a few Pho places since I developed a love for the Vietnamese soup. I would have to rank Minji’s Pho as one of the better ones I’ve been to. The place was easy to find, and we felt very welcomed to sit where ever we wanted, which is nice when you’re trying to take a client out to meet. You can find a seat that you like and quickly get down to business.

The food was prepared quickly. There were not more than a handful of people there though, so who knows when they get packed for lunch.

Our meals were slightly smaller than at other places, but I wouldn’t count this against them. Every place I’ve eaten pho I end up leaving half of my bowl behind. Here I ate all the soup, and a good chunk of the broth and still left half the broth behind, fully satisfied.

The meat in our soup was very tender, unlike some places around that have much tougher beef. They had 2 types of hot sauce/chili paste, and the rest of the normal fixings.

The price was great. I believe we ended up paying around $15 plus tip for 2 bowls of soup, a spring roll and an egg roll. Lunch for two for under $20? I’m sold.

University place is unraveling quite a few hidden gems for us to get lunch at. Very pleased with the days find!

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Thanks for reading,

Nathan Olotoa

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Lets talk food

The other day I decided to start talking about some local places to get a bite in areas that I do business in regularly. I stopped by the Gyro place in University Place, but they appeared to be closed. After a couple of minutes of driving around I found this teriyaki joint and decided to give it a try.

Upon pulling up I snagged a menu (which was hung conveniently on the door handle) and had a look at it. “Happy Hana Teriyaki & Wok” I have to say, for a hole in the wall teriyaki place it sure had a large menu. Not just your basic “Chicken and Rice” kind of place. Sushi, Tempura, and a selection of soup, not just your egg drop standard.

We ordered a lunch special (Chicken T and your choice of another meat, I went with General Sao’s) which came with steamed rice, salad, AND a soda. Their menu doesn’t say that our meal comes with salad and soda, but the gal behind the counter was very friendly and I think she knows that we hadn’t been there before. Very welcoming.

Other take-out places I’ve been end up costing $9-$10 after you get your meal and a drink, so I was surprised when the deal ended up at about $7.50.

Overall I give this place a solid score for asian food. Its great for a lunch on the go, the price is right, the people are fast and friendly. Oh, almost forgot, the place was very clean as well. I would have no problem stopping to eat with one of my real-estate clients while showing houses out in University Place.

Hopefully they don’t mind this little review, but I was really taken by their place and will likely eat there again in the near future.

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~Nathan Olotoa